having a panic attack bc i need to find a place 2 live lol

gimme some good vegan recipes

gluten-free is such a hard lifestyle

i wanna have good poops too but like fuck gluten-free bread is the worst

i spent $50 on dishes and various kitchenware

i might be homeless in the next few weeks but at least i’ll have something to eat off of :^)

ok my goals before next weekend

  • have a place to live on lockdown
  • stop eating so much and get my beach body back
  • ok wait that’s it lol ???

whhhhhhere can i buy a wide brimmed black hat for the beach

my best friend in the whole world is making me a crop top for our 4-day vacation next weekend

also can i buy a hat at urban? would that make me a bad person

i can’t find 1 at any cool vintage shops im running out of options